A New Year, A New Beginning

Challenging Thought for Today:  “Let us begin again.” Reverend Henry Biggs, The Preadher’s Wife

Along with this opening quote, two lines from Courtney Vance’s character in the  movie, The Preacher’s Wife have always stayed with me. “When we love someone, we are really loving God.  Look in wonder at those you love, for they are the face of God.”  The pastor in the movie did not just wake up one day and have this revelation.  He was going through a difficult time and was in danger of losing his church.   Additionally, he was questioning his faith because the compilation of ministry and family struggles made him feel like his work was in vain.

Then he prayed a very simple prayer: “I know you are extremely busy this time of the year, but I could use a little help right about now”. Although God responded immediately, the troubled pastor was not easily convinced.   An angel in human form was not how he thought relief would come.

This scenario makes me wonder how many times we continue to stress over a prayer that God has already answered simply because the answer does not come as we imagined or hoped it would.  Just like the character in the movie, we continue to search desperately for what God has already provided.  Fortunately, by the end of the movie, the pastor realized how much he was missing and the many things and people he was taking for granted.

The older I get, the more reflective I am on the beauty of God’s love compared to the bounty of the world’s drama.  Trying circumstances shift our focus from the promises of God to the problems of life. We stop cherishing what we have and start bemoaning what we lack.

It’s interesting to me that the end of the holiday season is marked by the beginning of a new year.  What an excellent opportunity to take the preacher’s quote literally.  I challenge you today to take a few minutes and look in wonder at those you love.   Begin this new year with a fresh appreciation for everything and everyone in your life.  Take a walk through the mall or sit in any public place and marvel at the beauty of human nature.  No matter what is going on in your life, or what difficult circumstances you may be facing, God’s love is all around you.  You just need to take time to see it and open your heart to receive it.

Be Blessed,

Happy New Year!




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3 Responses to A New Year, A New Beginning

  1. Brooks_Darlene says:

    This is getting better and better (I didn’t think this was possible because all of them are so great!). Thank you for listening to God and writing this!



  2. sgaine00 says:

    I recognized the quote immediately! I love the idea of beginning again. I’m reflecting on that this year because I’ve become complacent in my job because it’s not what I want to do with the rest of my life. This has caused me to not put everything I have into my work which isn’t respectful to my supervisors. I’m going back to school and have been waiting around for “help” with the process when the answer to my prayer for “help” is simply letting go of the fear of doing it myself


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