How’s Life

How’s life treating you? That’s a question I will often ask people.  Most people will respond with a generic fine or okay.  Not even giving thought to any deeper meaning behind it.  And for the most part, there are times when it is just all part of our common courtesy in greeting and responding to each other.  However, a song by Tamela Mann reminds me that we really need to take a look at how and where we are living.  In This Place, Tamala sings “There is a place in God where we can all be free.  A place where God can get the best out of me.  A secret place in God where he covers me.”  The song goes on to say, “I’m so glad I’m living my life in this place.”

It’s not a new song, but it resonated in my spirit years ago the first time I heard it and it still does to this day.  I occasionally listen to it on repeat to remind myself how important it is to stay in a good place both emotionally and spiritually.  To truly live in the presence of God.  When I first heard the song, I remember thinking that Tamala Mann had arrived a t a pretty good place in her life and she should feel good about where she was.  But I quickly realized it’s not about that at all. 

Your status in life or your physical address has nothing to do with it.  In our faith walk, the house we live in may or may not be to our liking, but if we settle our spirit in the presence of God, we can find a home.  You might be reminded of a song by Beatrice Gardner called Safe in His Arms.  She reminded us that the safest place in the whole wide world is in the arms of Jesus.  Right in the middle of the will of God. Tamala Mann takes a line from that testimony and reiterates,  “In the arms of Jesus is a great place to be, ya’ll.

I think the most important line in Tamala Mann’s song is “until I found Jesus, I never thought I’d be in this place.   Friends, you can find him no matter what your physical address is.  Whether you live in a mansion in the most desirable side of town or whether you share your street with less than desirable neighbors in a high crime area.  There is no where you can go that God can’t find you.  In Psalm 139 David asked and answered the question of where can we go to flee from the presence of God.  There is nowhere and Hebrews 13:5 reminds us that God will never leave us or forsake us. 

So, take a moment and ponder these questions.  How are you living?  Is your desire to live in his presence, in his will, greater than your desire to live in the best home in the best neighborhood?  Is your desire to live peaceable with all men greater than your desire to be right or get your point across?  Are you thanking and praising God for allowing you to live in a good place?

Tamala Mann ends her song on these notes,  “My joy is right here.  My peace is right here. I am amazed that I’m living my life in this place.”   Can you say the same thing? Are you in a good place?  Do you need to move?

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