What God is Really Doing

The first song I listened to on the first day of the year was Tamela Mann’s, He did it for me.  It was just what I needed to hear.  It’s easy to look back over a year filled with pandemic highs and lows, relationship hurts and disappointments, as well as personal and family health challenges and focus on what God didn’t do. He didn’t heal that relative on this side of heaven.  He didn’t let the detectives find out what really happened in the case. He didn’t let this cancer diagnosis rest on someone else, he didn’t come through in ways I would have chosen.  Sometimes doing what’s best for us, we thing God is doing anything at all. But, if we look close enough, we realize that each and every “didn’t” has a “did”. He did allow me to make it through another year giving me more time here on earth to complete his will. He did sustain the family members who were there with our loved one until the end. He did use something totally unexpected to reach us with news of a lost loved one when nothing else had worked. He did let me live with cancer instead of dying from it. He helped me remember that his ways are higher than my ways and he knows what’s best for me.  He literally gave me new vision through cataract surgery. That gave me a new outlook and perspective on life which I will share in another post.

The first of the year is a natural time for reflection.  And that’s okay.  Just don’t let what you were not able to get done last year keep you from setting and reaching new goals for this year.  Today, I just wanted to take a few minutes and remind you that if you are alive and well or even if you are alive and things aren’t going so well, you are still alive.  Focus on what God did do for you in 2021 and embrace the possibilities that await you when he does what he will do in 2022.

Have a wonderful, prosperous New Year. 

Be Blessed,


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1 Response to What God is Really Doing

  1. Sherry Thornton says:

    Great post! Happy New Year


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